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Otaman Arizona old looking photo

Haunted Arizona

Arizona has a rich haunted history with about 300 ghost towns and numerous haunted places. Let’s visit the 13 most infamous haunts. 

There are many ghost towns and other haunted places in Arizona. Explore and enjoy!

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Ahhh…Sky islands in Arizona

Does it conjure a vision of something sci-fi? Landmasses floating in clouds?
These mystical islands are real but what are they exactly?


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orange sunset with cactus silhouettes

5 Ways to protect yourself in the Arizona heat

Whether you are a visitor or a resident, the heat can take a toll on you before you realize it. Read on the help you stay safer as we enter Arizona’s extreme heat.


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A girl with a blue backpack overlooks the Grand Canyon

How safe is it to visit the Grand Canyon?

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about people falling to their death at the Grand Canyon; there have been three know deaths so far in 2019. So… is the Grand Canyon safe to visit?


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❄️ Freeze warnings, ☃️ major snow, and ☔️ heavy rain. Oh my!

Another historically active weather week in Arizona. What’s with all the crazy weather, what is an atmospheric river, and what does it all have to do with the Pineapple Express coming to Arizona?


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10 Travel hacks you will  be glad you read about

Traveling can be stressful any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. Hopefully these tips will help reduce any winter holiday meltdowns.


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Top reasons to travel with Southwest Tours

Our expert guides will take you to some of the most scenic and breathtaking views leaving life-long cherished memories for you and your family.


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