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Haunted Arizona

Arizona has a rich haunted history with about 300 ghost towns and numerous haunted places. Let’s visit the 13 most infamous haunts.

1. Tombstone- The town too tough to die

Many people have heard of the Tombstone thanks to the Earp brothers, the shootout at the OK Corral, Boot Hill Cemetery and the movie title “Tombstone”. Did you know Tombstone is said to be one of the most haunted places in Arizona? 
The most haunted spot is the Bird Cage Theatre. It hosts as many as 31 ghosts! Sightings go as far back as 1921. Sounds of music and laughter, glasses clinking, a male wearing black striped pants and a visor, holding a clipboard, walks across the stage, a woman singing and the smell of cigar smoke. Even a several hundred pound dice table has been seen being moved! The statue of Wyatt Earp gets turned facing backwards or his hat knocked off, and many other tales.
Several popular television programs have hosted paranormal investigations at the Bird Cage Theatre.

Where to find Tombstone: https://goo.gl/maps/WVL7p86K7NSErtkv8

A scene of gambling in the Birdcage basement
A lady dressed in 1900s clothes looks in a shop windoe
A horse drawn hearse in the Birdcage Theatre

2. Jerome- The Wickedest Town in the West

The town of Jerome, also known as “Wickedest Town in the West” was founded in 1876. It turned into a “billion-dollar copper camp” by Phelps Dodge in the 1920s. When the mines were shut down in 1953 the people left, turning it into a ghost town.
Today Jerome is alive and well and so are the many spirits who never left. The community center is known as “Spook Hall” due to it’s strange happenings. It is said that “Headless Charlie”, a decapitated miner, still lingers there.
Ghostly voices and doors slamming shut have been reported at the Ghost City Inn. A plethora of ghosts reside at the Surgeon’s House B&B. The Mile High Grille and Inn is built on top of the old brothel (the Clinkscale Building) after it burned down. Music and footsteps have been herd and it is said that Madame Jennie Banter moves furniture and helps around the inn.
More places include The Haunted Hamburger, The Connor Hotel, “Husband Alley”, Liberty Theatre, and many more.
The Jerome Grand Hotel is said to be the most haunted. It was the hospital of the mining town. Especially room 32 where there have been several deaths. The whole hotel has stories of doors opening, faucets turning on, the spirit of the man crushed by the elevator, footsteps in the hallway and stairs, wailing, heavy breathing, and talking. This hotel has been the star of several paranormal TV shows. 
Street scene in the town of Jerome
Street scene on the town of Jerome
An old building in the town of Jerome
What is left of a building in the town of Jerome
Hotel in the town of Jerome
Street scene in the town of Jerome

3. Bisbee- The World’s Largest Open-Air Insane Asylum

The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee Arizona is considered Arizona’s longest continuously running hotel so it comes as no surprise that it is said to be haunted. According to the book “Southern Arizona’s Most Haunted” the Copper Queen is home to over 16 spirits. The three main ones include;
Howard a long hair bearded gentleman with a top hat and cape accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke. Most people report only smelling the cigar smoke.
There is also a mischievous young boy named Billy. If you experience something being moved, doors opening or being tapped on, or some other prank, it could have been Billy. And lastly Julia Lowell, a prostitute who took her life in the hotel. She has been known to whisper into the ears of sleeping male guests, tickling their feet, ripping off their covers, or even climbing into bed with couples.

Copper Queen Hotel
Copper Queen Hotel gets a face lift
Bisbee Arizona
Houses in Bisbee Arizona
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Arizona meeting in the cave in the mine of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. at Bisbee, Arizona, Nov. 12th 1897

4. Phoenix- The Hotel San Carlos

The San Carlos opened in March 1928 and was the first hotel in Phoenix that had chilled air and the first to have an elevator! No wonder it was visited by many Hollywood celebrities including Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Mae West, Gene Autry and Marilyn Monroe.
In May 1928 a guest named Leone Jensen climbed up the stairs to the roof and jumped to her death. San Carlos guests have reported seeing Leone going up the stairs to the rooftop or floating down the hallway. Some men have said they have awoken to see her standing at their bed watching them.
There have also been reports of a child crying and children running through the halls laughing. Especially in the basement. In 1874 the site was a Native American water well and then Phoenix’s first school house. Some say they have heard screams echoing out of the well shafts. The San Carlos hotel embraces the ghostly stories and welcomes guests to explore it’s history and lore. 

San Carlos hotel Phoenix Arizona

Where to find the Hotel San Carlos:

5. Prescott- The Hotel Vendome

When the Vendome was built in 1917, it was considered the classiest place in town with 31 room and 16 bathrooms. It is just down the street from “Whiskey Row.”
There are at least a couple guests that have never left. The most talked about is Abby Byrs and her cat Noble. Abby and her husband had owned the Vendome but lost it due to unpaid taxes. They were, however, allowed to stay and manage the hotel. One evening Mr. Byrs went out to get Abby some medication and never came back. Poor Abby was so heartbroken she refused to eat. She and her cat died due to starvation. Abby and Noble still reside at the Vendome. Especially in her room. Room 16. People have reported cat toys being played with, being touched softly, the smell of perfume, things being moved, and even Abby speaking to them or appearing. I personally have experienced activity while staying there. 👻

Hotel Vendome

Where to find Prescott:

Vendome room 16
The hallway of the Vendome
Prescott town square
Prescott courthouse

6. Superstition Mountains- Home of the Lost Dutchman

The Superstition Mountains are a popular hiking area despite the Apache’s legend of evil spirits. There are several tales relating to the Superstition Mountains but the most well-known is of the Lost Dutchman, German immigrant Jacob Waltz.
Legend tells of a fantastic gold mine there “like no other that has ever been seen.” Many have searched for this lost gold mine and many have never been seen again. Some say they can hear the rumble of thunder in the mountains others say Jacob Waltz still protecting his mine. Either way these mountains are full of mystery and lore and a bit of murder and mayhem.👻
Superstition mountains

Where to find the Superstition Mountains:

7. San Xavier Mission- White Dove of the desert

San Xavier Mission is considered one of the finest examples of mission architecture. It was completed in 1797.  

There have been sightings of a priest roaming the church during the dim light of dusk and dawn or with the burning of soft glowing candles.

Watch closely and you might spot the ghosts of a nun leading five children to safety. She brings them from an old school house that was once there, to the church. The old schoolhouse was burnt to the ground and everyone in it perished👻

Where to find the San Xavier del Bac:

8. Oatman- Where burros freely roam the streets

Oatman started out as a small mining camp and boomed when two men struck it rich with gold. During its heyday, Oatman had three fires that nearly destroyed the town. 

Oatman has several residents and guests that are believed to have never left, even after death. Two of the most famous that have been seen  haunting the Oatman Hotel are none other than Clark Gabel and Carole Lombard. It is said that they spent their wedding night at the Oatman Hotel and liked it so much they would frequent it even to this day. 

Another specter is referred to as “Oatie”. Oatie was an Irish miner who became a heavy drinker after his family died on their way to America. He over did his drinking and passed out behind the hotel one night and never woke up… never woke up alive, that is! He is friendly and a bit mischievous. 👻

Where to find the Oatman:

9. Vulture City- The Vulture Mine, Wickenburg

Once one of the Arizona Territory’s most productive gold mines, Vulture City is now one of the few well preserved Arizona ghost towns. During it’s peak,  the Vulture City Gold Mine produced up to $200 million in gold until its closing in the 1940’s. 

Vulture City has a dark history of hangings, suicides, murders, and more! The hanging tree has seen 18 men drop to their deaths for highgrading, murder, and stealing gold.  Vulture City has been in the spotlight of magazine articles and television shows such as “Ghost Adventures”.  It is a true ghost town as there are no residents living in Vulture City anymore, except maybe a few spirits.👻

Where to find the Vulture City: https://g.page/vulturecityghosttown?share

10. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

When the Monte Vista opened in 1927 it was a first class hotel. Quite a few famous people such as: John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Anthony Hopkins, Esther Williams, and Barbara Stanwyck have spent the night there. It is also rumored that a few scenes from Casablanca were filmed there during Bogart’s stay.
Many spirits are said to take up residence there as well. There is the elderly woman in room 305 who knocks on the door and rocks in the rocking chair. In room 306 two ‘ladies of the evening’ who were killed and thrown out the 3rd story window are said to harass male guests. A small boy wanders the halls as if walking with his mother and a happy couple dances in the cocktail lounge. A gentleman in room 220 is said to turn on the TV, and a bellman hangs around room 210. Actor John Wayne used to stay in room 210 and has reported a knock on the door with a voice saying “room service” a few times. Mr. Wayne has not been the only one to experience this. Other guests have said the same and staff has reported seeing a young man in a red coat with brass buttons outside the door of room 210. 👻

Where to find Flagstaff: https://goo.gl/maps/46Dm3so6t2aVB9sw9

11. The Domes, Casa Grande

Talk about weird! This place is the subject of many creepy tales. Started in the early ’80’s by a computer manufacturing company, these buildings were never completed and since have gone to ruin. There is much lore about these odd flying saucer and caterpillar shaped buildings including tales of ghosts, space invasions, satanic worship, murders, and more. The Domes have even been featured on the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures. Several people have even reported sightings of shadows, voices, and screams from nowhere. “Stay out of there and don’t go into the tunnels”. Because the dilapidated buildings were not eerie enough without tunnels?  Beware, however, there is no trespassing allowed as this is private property. Entering will result in fines. With stories like that, who would want to trespass!  👻

Play the YouTube video to see a bit more.

Where to find the Casa Grande Domes: https://goo.gl/maps/XEV4bMiSCxGBRPFu5

12. Yuma Territorial Prison- 

For 33 years (1876-1909) this prison, in the middle of one of the hottest places in the country, housed some of the most dangerous criminals of the Arizona Territory. Life was anything but easy in what the town-folk called “the Country Club”.  If you tried to escape you were attached to a ball and chain. If you were a general trouble maker you got maximum security. Seriously ill behaved prisoners were put in the hanging cage inside the “Dark Cell”. Two inmates were transferred directly to the insane asylum after spending time in the dark cell.
One hundred eleven inmates died in the prison including John Ryan, who committed suicide in cell 14. His ghost is said to be still imprisoned in his cell.
There are reports of a little girl who lived there in the ’30s, who haunts the dark cell. 👻

Where to find the Yuma Territorial Prison: https://goo.gl/maps/n2n3mMmWGfusBnUB7


13. The Grand Canyon- El Tovar Hotel, Phantom Ranch 

Yes, even the Grand Canyon! The beauty of the Grand Canyon is so powerful that it’s hard to imagine it being haunted but there have been around 900 known deaths at the Grand Canyon. One specter seen at El Tovar, however, died before the hotel was even built! Fred Harvey is believed to be the well dressed gentleman who welcomes guests to the hotel’s annual holiday party.
There is also a black caped figure that leaves the hotel front entrance and disappears behind the Hopi House. At Phantom Ranch and some view points some ghosts of workers have been seen still working.  

Who gives chills to the guests staying at the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn? The apparition of a man at the elevator shaft opens and closes the doors randomly. Is it the official discoverer, Walter Peck? The shadows of Native Americans have been seen dancing and heard whispering. Are they the spirits from what was a burial site in the cave?

If you find yourself hiking down the Transept Trail on the north rim and you hear a woman weeping, it’s probably the wondering, or wailing,  woman.  There are several versions of her story but they all agree that she wonders up and down the trail looking for the spirits of her children. 👻

Where to find the El Tovar Hotel: We can take you there and show you many interesting Grand Canyon sights on a fun and educational tour or you can go there yourself by following the map:

There are so many more ghost towns and other haunted places in Arizona. Explore and enjoy!

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