10 Travel hacks you will be glad you read

As we head into the holiday season many of us will be traveling. Lots of us, in fact. Traveling can be stressful any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. Hopefully these tips will help reduce any winter holiday meltdowns.

⇒ Invest in a portable cell phone charger.

It might not seem important but you don’t want to run out of battery life while traveling. Free charging stations might not be safe either. There are ‘fake’ ones that can hack your phone data! Not to worry though. There are several options. There battery packs the size of your phone like the one in the picture from Hyndsight. You never have to worry about finding a plug to charge the unit because it is solar! It even doubles as a flashlight.  Don’t want something so large? Get a pocket size key ring pack such as this one on Amazon.  http://a.co/d/6ZQk7xk

 Scan important documents

Scan important documents such as drivers license, passport, and reservations. Keep them in a separate place from the originals in case the originals get lost. Better yet, email the scanned documents to yourself as well.

Dryer sheets to freshen

When packing your suitcase, whether it be an actual suitcase or a rucksack backpack, toss in a dryer sheet between clothes and in your shoes to keep them smelling fresh. Once at your hotel you can put one in the vent to freshen the room.

 Don’t spend a fortune on water

Bring and empty water bottle with you. Once you are past airport security you can fill it from a water fountain or sink. 

 Packing jewelry

When packing jewelry such as a chain necklace, use a drinking straw to keep it from getting tangled. Simply thread one side through the straw, then clasp the ends closed. If you have small earrings, clasp them to a  a large button so they don’t get lost.

 Google Map offline

Did you know you can use Google Maps offline? You might not have internet connection in some areas of your travels but don’t let that stop you from finding your way around. Read how to download areas for use later in case you can’t connect or find a strong connection. 
To down load a Google Map offline –
1. Open your Google Map app on your phone or device (make sure you are connected to the internet)
2. Search for the place that you would like a map of
3. Tap the menu (the three lines on the top left in the “search” bar) to open the menu
4. Scroll down and tap “offline maps”
5. Tap “select your own map”
6. Tap the download


 Protect your laptop with bubbles

Carry your laptop or tablet in a bubble lined mailing envelope. Not only will this help protect your device from damage, it will help keep it hidden from potential thieves but still easily accessible to you. You can find laptop size ones like these on Amazon. http://a.co/d/8zqklFu

 Carry two wallets

Use a hidden wallet, such as a money belt like this one from Amazon http://a.co/d/1IKaGQl, to keep all your cash, credit cards, and important items in. Also keep a decoy wallet in a normal place with very little cash, if any, in it. If you are a victim of a pick pocket your valuables will still be safe. 

 Packing delicate items

Nothing like packing that bottle of spirits or other liquid in a glass container in your suitcase wrapped in clothing only to have it break anyway and not only ruin your clothing but leak out. Not to mention the shattered glass now in your clothing. Instead, wrap breakables in disposable underwear or diapers. Not only will that help cushion your breakables but it will help absorb a lot of the liquid and contain the broken glass making it easier to dispose of.

 Nobody likes jet lag

Help reduce jet lag by exercising. According to Verywell Fit magazine, if you do some heart pumping, calorie burning exercise before you flight, some stretching during your flight (not much room but do move around a bit and get up if you can), and a good walk after your flight you can help reduce your jet lag symptoms. A walk around your destination when you first arrive can be a great way to look around and explore a new place.

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